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Golden Age RPG Campaign Support Materials

Golden Age RPG Campaign Support Materials

Postby fdw3773 » Wed Dec 31, 2014 9:37 am

Updated campaign support material is below for you to copy/paste into a word document. Enjoy! ;)

My name is Bayram Matos. I have chronicled the events in Évora to the best of my abilities as a scholar, no longer a boy but an aging grandfather blessed to see two generations of his family grow up healthy in spite of everything that’s happened during the Mana Wars. The vast territory simply known as, “the Continent” was not the only place affected by the Mana Wars.

Far across the sea is Évora, a vast land teeming with elemental and supernatural forces where the Dijinn thrived with the race of Man. Here great heroes and epic legends once lived. Valiant knights and heroes commanding great armies fought against vile evils that threatened the land. Mages soared through the sky on magical beasts. Monstrosities fell before shining sword and lance. Wondrous cities and palaces once filled the countryside. It was a time of high adventure and sorcery, a time of abundance.

I was a young boy, a mere student scribe when it all changed during the onset of the Mana Wars. Feuds became battles. Battles became wars. The land bled as hundreds of thousands perished from the onslaught of war and the pestilence that followed. Kingdoms and alliances faded as friend turned against friend. The days of adventure became a time of madness and hunger as a generation seemed lost to war, famine, and disease. Even the continent of Évora itself broke apart from the magical fury unleashed from the Mana Wars.

How I’ve survived a generation of war, I don’t know. Perhaps it was divine intervention or dumb luck. All I know is that I’ve seen the fall of greatness that became buried under overgrowth with the passage of time as the land healed itself. The primal energies that once powered the Dijinn still flow throughout Évora, but who is there to wield such power?

The wide array of monsters, however, seems to prevail in Évora, taking up residence in the abandoned remnants of fallen cities, shrouded in the overgrowth. However, their presence has not deterred a newfound generation of treasure hunters, seeking lost riches abandoned by their previous owners among the palatial ruins. Feeding on carrion and the unlucky treasure seeker, these great beasts are the new residents of kingdoms lost to antiquity.

Crops grow once again as part of Évora’s rebirth in three great city-states: Reikstaad, the city-state amidst the snow and ice; Setúbal, the city-state of the jungle, and Essakhar, city-state of the desert.


Although not as numerous as generations before, great heroes still fill the proud ranks within Reikstaad. Led by the tribal chieftain Edvard Landvik, the decimation of their forces in the defense of their land caused them to abandon old traditions and embrace new ones out of necessity. Namely, they allowed women to train beyond as their status as shield-maidens into full-fledged warriors. They were the daughters, sisters, wives, and nieces of fallen warriors who took up arms or else face destruction during the Mana Wars. Trained by the remnants of those surviving warriors within their ranks, their emergence proved critical to Reikstaad’s survival by refilling its depleted ranks.

Political. Reikstaad’s government is mostly tribal, consisting of family clans with the clan leader making up a ruling council. The responsibility for the day-to-day running of the city such as taxation, road repair, however, falls under a group of elected magistrates who implement policy with the council’s endorsement.

In general, Reikstaad maintains cordial relations with their ruling counterparts in the Continent and has a defense alliance and trade agreement with the other two city-states to keep the CORE out of their affairs. Of particular note, Reikstaad enjoys its best relations with Houses Verand and Calma, and keeps a distrustful eye on the CORE and its laws regarding the re-discovery of magic.

Military. Reikstaad’s military is defense-oriented, but impressive. Its elite is known as the Cloud Warriors (male) and Storm Strikers (female) who are able to endure the harsh cold and battle on horse and on foot effectively that are augmented by heavy cavalry. Reikstaad’s navy consists of sea and air ships that effectively deter the CORE from interfering with commerce.

Economics. Reikstaad is rich in raw iron ore and other metals, enabling it to build such a formidable force that’s toughened by the elements. At least half, if not more, of its food is imported from neighboring Setúbal and Essakhar, in exchange for metal and its role in the defense pact.

Social. The people of Reikstaad consists of primarily fair-haired, fair skinned men and women. Brown and red haired people are uncommon, and those with black hair even more rare. Because of the defense agreement, they’re very familiar with traders and travelers, although are distrustful of those they readily recognize from the Continent due to those ruling houses’ relations with the CORE.

Since fruits and vegetables are so uncommon to daily life from being imported, the gift of fresh fruit is considered a more kingly gift than silver as a expression of good faith.

Terrain. Reikstaad is surrounded by mostly mountains and has a harsh, wintry environment that lasts the majority of the year. Hot springs are scattered throughout the region, creating small but highly live-able habits that the Reikstaad military fervently protects. Arable farmland in Reikstaad’s territory is limited, consisting of slivers surrounding those hot springs to grow basic grains.


Lush, verdant jungle surrounds the city-state of Setúbal, granting its people ample supplies of food and water through farming and herding. While the soil is rich in minerals and nutrients to grow food, it is deficient in the raw ore necessary to forge steel weapons and armor. As a result, Setúbal maintains defensive and trade pacts with Reikstaad and Essakhar.

Political. Setúbal’s government is a monarchy, consisting of a ruling king with a small council of advisors. The responsibility for the day-to-day running of the city falls under appointed officials by the king.

Setúbal maintains formal relations with their ruling counterparts in the Continent and has a defense alliance and trade agreement with the other two city-states to keep the CORE out of their affairs, especially given how resource-rich its area is.

Military. Setúbal military is defense-oriented. While strong and numerous, it is nowhere nearly as well equipped as their counterparts in the other two city-states. Metals weapons imported from Reikstaad are reserved for the elite, and most of the warriors use obsidian tipped spears and heavy clubs as weapons. Armor would consist of either leather animal hide or fur.

Economics. Setúbal’s rich soil enables the growth of food all-year round, and its people are experienced enough to preserve it through crop rotation or having fields go fallow to allow the soil to replenish itself naturally. Setúbal trades extensively with Reikstaad and Essakhar, through the export of food in exchange for metal and their military strength as part of the defense pact.

Social. The people of Setúbal are light tan to olive-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. Those who live in the city itself or along the coast are used to outsiders due to trade. The tribes living deep within the jungle remain isolated and are extremely distrustful of outsiders. There are even rumors that those remote tribes are the heart of its defense force who will devour their enemies through cannibalism and human sacrifice as part of their war rituals.

Terrain. Setúbal is dominated with large, winding rivers and lush jungles through its plains, hills, and mountains. Its tropical climate keeps it perpetually warm with monsoon seasons. While beautiful, the jungle can be equally intimidating and unforgiving to those unfamiliar with that climate. Setubal’s ample resources enable the growing of maize, beans, squash, assorted fruits and vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes, and herding of cattle and goats.


The desert city-state of Essakhar is arguably the wealthiest of the three. Although surrounded by harsh desert, three great rivers flow through that region, creating a verdant valley during harvest season. Of the three city-states, Essakhar has the most contact with the Continent through trade and commerce.

Politics. Essakhar’s government is a combination of tribal and monarchy, consisting of a ruling sultan who is elected from among the major tribes. To maintain working relations among the tribes, various government officials will have representatives from the tribes so that one does not gain hegemonic control.

Military. Essakhar’s military relies on speed and maneuverability. Lightly armored due to the desert heat, Essakhar’s light cavalry of desert cavaliers are masters of hit-and-run tactics to disrupt and wear-down numerically superior enemies. The city itself is a massive fortress of fire-spitters and flame-projecting weapons to destroy attacking enemies from both land and air.

Economics. Essakhar relies heavily on trade, both within its surrounding region and the Continent across the sea. A rich economy enables Essakhar to trade in agricultural goods (e.g. rice, dates, etc.), foodstuffs, textiles, metalworks, and precious metals and gems. Essakhar’s famed marketplace is renowned.

Social. The people of Essakhar are tan to bronze-skinned with dark hair and dark eyes. Of the city-states peoples, they are the most used to outsiders and will happily welcome those from the Continent with open arms…provided that they’re buying something while there. While friendly and hospitable hosts on the surface, they retain a subtle distrust of those affiliated with the CORE.

Terrain. Essakhar is predominantly desert with two major valleys from the three rivers that enable that the growing of rice, grains, and vegetables through an elaborate irrigation system. The majority of homes are made with mud brick, with only the main buildings and defensive works in the city made of limestone and granite. The city itself is on a large plateau overlooking one of the main river valleys.
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Re: Character - Danara Torsten

Postby fdw3773 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:16 am

Updated character writeup is below. Enjoy!
Danara.jpg (180.67 KiB) Viewed 442 times

NAME: Danara Torsten
AGE: 26 RACE: Human ***: Female

CALLING: Warrior (Storm Striker)
PATH: Fire
ARMOR: Moderate (5+)
WEAPON: Longsword (Slashing)

BACKGROUND: Danara Torsten is among the new generation of warriors in Reikstaad. Namely, she is no longer a shield-maiden but a full-fledged warrior entitled to all of the status and title associated with it (e.g. she can command others, gets an equal cut of the spoils of victory). She is clever, athletic, and very down to earth.

Battle Armor Longsword
Warhorse Lightning Javelins (x2)
Purse (60 coin) Traveler Kit
Satchel Pack Shield

Parry Triggered User skips turn for the duration of the round, but all physical damage is reduced to 0. Cannot be used
against magical attacks or terrain effects such as explosions.
Tactics Triggered +1 to Mental trait roll for beginning of combat round
Lightning Javelins Triggered +3 Lightning Damage if successful, 2 Javelins on-hand
Rapid Sword Slash Triggered +1 to Strike with sword and can strike second target at +0, but -1 Damage if successful
Strike Mighty Blow Triggered Deal +1 Damage if physical attack with sword if successful
Horsemanship Passive +1 on all rolls involving mounted movement on a horse
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Re: Character

Postby fdw3773 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:19 am

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Re: Golden Age RPG Campaign Support Materials

Postby fdw3773 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:07 am

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Re: Golden Age RPG Campaign Support Materials

Postby fdw3773 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:54 pm

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Re: Golden Age RPG Campaign Support Materials

Postby Enker » Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:02 am

Keen on the Knights huh? They're one of my favorites too alongside the House Guard.
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