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Tonberry And Glass Episodes *SPOILERS*

Tonberry And Glass Episodes *SPOILERS*

Postby Rhythm Wily » Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:19 pm

Decided to get the "Spoilers" part out of the way in the title unlike last time. Oh, and I've learned it's going to be a 4 episode mini-series. So YAY for it being more than this one-shot for a contest (congrats on making the cut)!

Episode 1: The Mysterious Case Of The Housing Insurance Claim

When I first saw the title "Tonberry and Glass" I wasn't sure what to expect. It certainly wasn't THIS! On a side note: I've only seen part of one episode of Dr. Who so I'm not too familiar on what it's about. But the title does remind me of the the Sherlock Holmes books (which I love). Anyway, let's get on with the episode!

Basically this episode is about a woman named Christine who had an asteroid destroy her house(after destroying other buildings on its way). It is soon after that she runs into the title characters Tonberry (an eccentric billionaire(?)) and his gardener Glass who inform her what they do and what that is. I personally love how Glass guesses big foot based on "law of averages". Cant say I don't agree with that logic. Anyways, after losing the alien in a high speed chase Christine is roped into the antics and the three set out to find the alien in question. Somehow Tonberry makes the "obvious" conclusion that the alien must've heard the BBC (or "beeb". Why is there an abbreviation for something that's already abbreviated?! Makes.No.Sense) radio broadcast of the 1930's Orson Wells "War Of The Worlds" which caused people to believe there was an actual alien invasion. So this alien in question thought there really WAS an alien invasion and wanted to join in the party (I don't know if I would call an invasion a party though.*lol* If so then the LA riots must've qualified as well). Oh, and about that "As dumb as the average American remark" goes...I had to strong urge to smack whichever specific person who came up with that line on the back of the head (I almost wonder if I was being trolled a bit with that line >.>). But considering the illogical stuff that happens this episode I think it's all relative. Such as:

1) Going to the old BBC Building and NOT bringing guns or any kind of weapons to defend yourself/stop/kill the alien
2) Splitting up at said old BBC Building. Why would you EVER do this?! Do these people not watch horror movies or Scooby Do?!
3) Christine wins by wanting to make some tea at a time like this. I just...I don't even...That would be the LAST thing on my mind!
4) Offering the alien tea. Could Christine be anymore British?!

What kills me is it works. I give this story points as I would've never guessed how it would've ended and I do like how it's a "take that" to the traditional "shoot it" concept of these kind of horror films. Tea really DID save Britian. I can't even keep a straight face WRITING that. Now somehow Christine has convinced Tonberry to let her come along as an employee(flimsy logic and all). What's sad is the only reason I know what a scullery maid is is from reading Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(and I think A Little Princess). I'm surprised scullery maids even EXIST anymore.

An American's Questions About England(and other stuff):

1)What's an M1? Is it like an expressway? Freeway? Highway? Or an interstate...Wait. It can't be that last one. You don't have states. However, Hawaii has an interstate. Wrap your head around THAT one.
2) Christine is said to live "in the home counties" what does that mean exactly ?
3) Also, it says Christine's parents "left" her her current home (before it was destroyed). Does this mean they're dead?
4) what exactly is a Motorway Restaurant Chain? I assume Little Chef's is a fictional chain? I wonder if it's like a diner or something over here.
5) I'll admit I really didn't know any of the cities or locations mentioned outside of London. Curse my lack of geographical knowledge. I did laugh at the line "Nothing good ever comes from moving up north". Mainly cause I'm from the Southern part of the United States.
6) What is an Olympic Breakfast? Never heard of it.
7)I have never heard the word "Nutter" in my life. Is it the equivalent to saying someone is "Nuts" in American English?

Final thoughts:

I really did enjoy Tonberry and Glass far more than I thought I would. It was really funny and I did find myself getting into the story and the silliness of it all. I always thought the UFO conspiracy theorist thing was more of an American convention (along with the cult fandom of the War of the Worlds Broadcast). Glass is officially my favorite character especially after proudly stating his qualification of "punching out Hitler". Really that should qualify you for anything. I too don't care if it's a clone or not. STILL COUNTS! Christine is odd in her own right despite what she says. I never would've thought what would qualify ANYONE to track down aliens. It's not like it's a conventional kind of thing. I wonder if I'll get to meet Tonberry's wife. I hope she's not the gold digger this story is making her out to look like. Well, I'm looking forward to episode 2 either way!
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Re: Tonberry And Glass Episodes *SPOILERS*

Postby Enker » Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:39 pm

*cannot stop laughing*
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