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Who are Tonberry and Glass?

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Who are Tonberry and Glass?

Postby Enker » Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:58 am

Tonberry and Glass is a contemporary comedy set in the United Kingdom and features the adventures of three paranormal investigators, two of which may be quite mad. It's comedy in the vein of Douglas Adams' 'Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and has a touch of the Russell T Davies 'Doctor Who' about it. Mostly however it is a fast paced and punchy show that barrels along at a quick pace to provide 15 minutes of enjoyment.

The pilot episode was specifically written to coincide with the ‘War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Contest’ which celebrates the historical broadcast of an adaption of H.G.Wells’ famous novel for radio. Adapted by Orson Wells and Howard Koch, it aired on October 30th 1938. Because of this the script is trimmed to a strict 15 minute running time and includes certain key elements required under the rules of the contest. Due to only learning about the contest a week before its end-date, the script and the entire first episode were created from scratch in just three days. This meant that Cascade Studios was unable to commission an original soundtrack for the show and instead want to thank Kevin MacLeod of Royalty-Free Music.com whose work we have used under the Creative Commons License.
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