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Webcomic: Enker's Tale

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Webcomic: Enker's Tale

Postby Enker » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:59 am


This is an ongoing project from my university days and a one aimed directly at fans of the MEGA MAN franchise as a whole. Based around the character of former Robot Master, Enker from the Classic series finding himself an out-dated relic of a past age and having to overcome distrust and prejudice in the X series timeline. It's got character banter, strong themes and lots of action.

Sigma has been defeated, and in the aftermath Zero has gone into stasis until such time as his connection to the deadly virus can be decoded. However in his absence things are gong to hell - Mavericks are spewing crime and violence throughout the city, and Megaman X is unable to cope with the loss of his best friend. Things are falling apart and if the Hunters don't rally soon then it could spell the end for everyone. Into this city of rage and despaire comes a figure of the past, the last relic of a time long forgotten. Could he be the one thing that can turn the tide of battle, or will his presence doom them all?

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