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Design an Alien Race!

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Design an Alien Race!

Postby Enker » Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:42 pm

Here's your chance to have your ideas forwarded on the latest Cascade Studios product. Stellar Evolution is a science-fiction action game featuring alien races clashing in the depths of space, but what do YOU like to see in an alien race? How inventive can you be? We currently have three races in development for the game:

TERRANS: The Human race has a military force in the depths of space, using futuristic ships modelled on the tactics of the airforce and navy of today. Fighters, Warships and other heavy hitters make their way into the fray as heroic pilots head out into the unknown and do battle.

MARAMARTER: An ancient alien race that was the scourge of the galaxy millions of years ago. They fought a great war with the Estellians before choosing to go dormant, their whole race simply dissapearing overnight and leaving behind worlds of factories waiting to be re-awakened and put to use. A race make of sentient energy, they never age and possess robotic bodies and their ships themselves in order to spread terror across the stars.

ESTELLIANS: A race on the brink of extinction, Estellian ships are largely holographic with perhaps one in every hundred fighters being real and projecting these hard-light holograms. Ancient enemies of the Maramarter, who have awoken to give the final deathblow to their dying race, they are allies to the Terrans through necessity but refuse to share technology and will not give answers as to what started the war that has lasted a millennia.

So what now? Let's see some original and awesome ideas for alien races you'd like to see in the game, taking into account what their ships are like and how they would play using special rules. Remember they need to be balanced, a strength and a weakness. The best ideas will make it into the final game!
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